Thursday, November 21, 2013

Immunity from a mother, to her child.

By being IMMUNE, we mean that our body can fight certain extent of diseases spread through our environment on a daily basis. 

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Strengthening our immune system starts from the very moment we are born in this world. I being a mother of two grown up daughters understand this very well. Our entire journey of motherhood depends on not only how well disciplined or educated children we bring up, but how strong and independent they grow up to be. Mental and physical strength is the epitome of a prosperous life, and we as mother's take every possible step to achieve that.

We protect our newborns from the harsh weather, pollution and diseases by keeping them close to our hearts, carefully keeping them wrapped up in warmth and love; and feeding them nothing but nutrition.

This lasts till the time our children grow up and step out in the world of education. We are most worried about their health, whether they have eaten their lunch on time, if they are well protected from the harsh sunlight or cold winters and rain.

This is when brands like Dabur step in. Whenever my daughters used to return from a sunny school day, I always made sure to freshen them up with some chilled Glucon D. Glucon D not only gives instant energy to children, it also helps in warding off the summer heat and giving other nutritional supplements necessary for their growth.

While in winters, I have always made sure that we all start our day with a spoon full of Dabur Chywanprash and warm milk. This product is maybe a genius of a mother, who knew how important it is to be sure that our children are getting the right nutrition.

Did you know these amazing facts that Dabur states about the goodness of Dabur Chyawanprash?

  1. Derived from 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic formula
  2. Totally chemical-free, natural and safe
  3. Powerful combination of herbs and plant extracts in a base of Amla fruit pulp
  4. Refined by Dabur to provide traditional goodness with best quality
  5. Reinforces the immune system & helps fight disease
  6. Trusted health provider of a majority of Indian households

In ancient times when medical science was not firmly established, people treated themselves with natural remedies which were easily available. No matter these herbs worked wonders for them, and they still stand a chance to do so in today's life. Although the only constraint is time. In today's life nobody has time to invest in these home remedies. This is where brands like Dabur step in, with their herbal and Ayurvedic products making sure that we keep going on.

Not just children, but we adults too need methods of keeping a check on our aging body. As we age, our immunity system keeps deteriorating, which makes it absolutely essential for us too. I, being a busy mother never got the time to hit the gym and keep a check on my weight, nor strengthen my body as required.

But I never regretted the time lost, as I was busy taking care of a worthier business, bringing up my kids.
I was not being negligent too, and that is why I have been following a regime of Dabur Honey in luke warm water every day, first thing in the morning. This has, to a good extent helped keep my weight on track.

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The times have changed drastically. I remember my childhood, when the food was delicious, and even a ghee dripping jalebi used to be enjoyed guilt free, because we never gained weight. Those were the days when butter loaded Aloo parathas meant good health.

The reason? The word "Adulteration" was missing. Apart from that, we were more active, as for us 'play time' meant outdoor sports, traveling was mostly by foot and our environment was pollution free. 

The world today might be scientifically advanced, but the air which we breath and the food that we eat has become hazardous. Every other day I come across articles stating what things not to have in today's life. Even branded milk is not pure as it seems to be, when we are paying 10 times the amount we used to for the pure version.

This daily intake of adulterated food badly effects our immune system, which is more alarming for today's parents to raise their kids adulteration- free.

We cannot protect our kids from stepping out to a polluted air, can't stop them from eating junk food which is highly adulterated and certainly not stop them from enjoying their childhood. But what we can surely stop is preparing our children to fight viruses, germ attacks and drastically changing weather.

The best thing is listening to the nature as our ancestors have always suggested. Thousands of years dedicated in defining the Ayurvedic formulas, our Rishi-Munis worked on precious and rare herbs. Their intense approach successfully gave out the formula to a healthy living. One of those formulas gave birth to"Chyawanprash". It is a mix of remarkable ingredients like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants and Giloy (Guduchi) known to have immuno modulatory properties; apart from other natural ingredients.

No matter how modern and technologically equipped our world has become, the age old wisdom of Ayurveda can never be challenged. No food item or medicine can suffice to the goodness and cure Ayurveda can promise. Medicines might be the answer to a certain diagnosis for temporary basis, but Ayurveda openly challenges a permanent cure to almost every health issue which stands today.

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Ayurveda is internationally accepted. The scientists are mesmerized by the genius, our ancestors have left for us to cherish.

Be a proud Indian, be a healthy Indian. Say yes to a healthy living, naturally! Say yes to Dabur!


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  3. Thanks Saket for your valuable comments.